Welcome to the St. Louis Browns Fan Club
Thanks for your interest in the St. Louis Browns Fan Club and Historical Society. We welcome your support.
The Historical Society was organized in 1984 with a mission to preserve the history and memory of the St. Louis Browns baseball team. The Browns played in St. Louis from 1902 through the 1953 season. The team plays today as the Baltimore Orioles. While the Browns had a losing record while in St. Louis, they were one of the most colorful teams in the history of baseball. The Browns won only one pennant and played the St. Louis Cardinal in the World Series in 1944.
Today, we have more than 315 members in the fan club. The following is a summary of some of our activities throughout the year.
• We sponsor an annual reunion dinner or luncheon of players and fans. The 2010 luncheon had Tommy Lasorda and Bob Costas as featured speakers. The 2011 lunch speakers included Whitey Herzog, Bob Turley and Ned Garver. This past year we had Hall of Fame announcer, Milo Hamilton, who was the Browns first TV announcer back in 1953 along with 5 former Browns players.
• We provide a 20-page, full color magazine featuring St. Louis Browns players and fans. The magazine is published twice a year.The next issue is due out next spring 2013.
• We offer a range of logo products such as polo shirts, caps, T-shirts, bags, and more.
• We provide 5 blog and web sites on the Internet with a variety of news and information. The web addresses are below. If you don't have access to the Internet, check with other family members or take this list to your library. I'm certain you'll find someone there to help.
   o Web page – http://www.thestlbrowns.com
   o Blog News – http://thestlbrowns.blogspot.com
   o Digital Museum Photos – http://stlbrownsmuseum.blogspot.com
   o Browns Jersey – http://brownsmerchandise.blogspot.com
   o Logo shirts, caps, etc. – http://stlbrowns.qbstores.com
• Available for purchase are DVD programs of past lunch reunions with featured speakers.
• We provide resources for storage and exhibition of memorabilia on the Internet and in our exhibit displays.
• We maintain a museum display of memorabilia of the Browns at the St. Louis Sports Hall of Fame at the Scottrade Center. Please visit the display when attending an event at the arena.
Our operations are supported by voluntary dues based at $30 per year along with other donations. This helps cover the travel expenses for players to attend our reunions along with printing, postage, supplies, advertising, and other operational expenses. Your membership is tax deductible as we are a 501 c 3 non-profit corporation with the IRS. We will send you a reminder invoice for renewal early next year. 
Send your check for $30 donation and contact information to:
   St. Louis Browns Fan Club
   P.O. Box 510047
   St. Louis, MO  63151-0047
   Questions? Email to:  stlbrowns@swbell.net or call 314-892-8632
Thanks for your support. We are the only historical society for a St. Louis sports team who has left our area. If we don’t keep the memories alive, no one else will and they will fade away along with those of the other former St. Louis teams.

Bill Rogers